Disposable Trocar


Product features:


1. No blade design, less trauma and faster recovery. Reduce abdominal tissue cutting and postoperative pain. Reduce the incidence of hernia puncture and avoid peritoneal tissue adhesion.

2. Conversion-free double sealing structure design to improve the efficiency & safety of the operation, good at security, sealing and convenience.

3. Non-slip pattern design to increase the friction between the sleeve and the abdominal wall to avoid the sleeve off.

4. Single use to avoid cross-infection.


Instructions for Use:


1. Open a small mouth on the abdomen of the patient by scalpel.

2. Hold the handle and puncture into the abdomen.

3. If using trocar of 10 mm or 12 mm, we could switch the snap and remove sealing cap to fetch large cell tissue if necessary.

4. Discard the cartridge into a medical waste container after use.